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Many a times we have found ourselves buying a product or paying for a needed facility and not being impressed with its state, condition or its quality. This is the tragedy that met Lenny Valdberg, now president and co-owner of Vigo Industries. He was once greatly disappointed after purchasing a bathroom enclosure for his residence only to later find out that it was not worth what he had paid for.

Vigo Frameless Slider Shower Doors

The quality was not impressive in his eyes. He then decided to dedicate his time, energy and passion, together with Felix Macchliss, now co-owner of Vigo, into building a company that does not give room for disappointment when it comes to bathroom and kitchen accessories. One of their best products is the Vigo Frameless Shower enclosures.

So what is a Vigo frameless shower enclosure?

The Vigo frameless shower enclosure is a showering cubicle made of glass panels and unlike its framed shower enclosure counterparts, is not supported by any metal or plastic frames whatsoever.


This means that you get more space in your bathroom to shower comfortably without interference from frames. What makes this frameless shower enclosure different from other enclosures is that Vigo makes sure that its products are of the highest quality and have an exceptional design to offer any Vigo customer a luxurious and satisfactory showering experience.

 Benefits of Vigo and their frameless shower enclosure product.

The Vigo frameless shower enclosure offers great style, unique design, and functionality to your bathroom. The shower enclosure is made out of high-quality glass and fittings that bring modern sophistication to your bathroom space.

It gives you confidence that you have a superior product among its competitors and gives you peace of mind without any worries. Vigo is always focused on staying ahead and keeping up with trends. This means that you get the latest products and are less likely to miss out on anything that you’d want in a frameless shower enclosure.

One of the greatest concerns that Vigo has is customer feedback and dialogue. It helps them know what customers feel and want out of their products. This means that with your frameless shower enclosure, you get a personalized touch and feeling when purchasing it.

The engineering team at the company is geared towards keeping in touch with customers and staying ahead of technology. It is continually trying it’s best to meet and surpass the highest quality and environmental standards. The frameless shower also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, meaning that in case any problems develop, you are able to get in touch with them and get help offered to you.

Features of Vigo frameless shower enclosures.

Features found in Vigo frameless shower enclosures may vary due to the vast range of product types in this particular category. Below is a generalized summary of features that you would find in some and all the frameless shower enclosures.

  1. Frameless shower enclosures are made of the highest quality stainless steel which is used to complement the glass surfaces.
  2. They combine Vigo’s top-notch technology with the modern designs providing a sophisticated feel that matches your needs.
  3. Handles and hinges swing outwards and are able to maximize space and incorporate a contemporary and clean look.
  4. Some of the frameless shower enclosures can be modified to either have a right or left side door according to your convenience and liking.
  5. Locks come equipped with MagnaLock technology that is able to retain and maintain water inside the enclosure by keeping the door closed.
  6. The glass used to make Vigo frameless shower enclosures is tempered. This is also called safety glass. It shatters into small rounded bits that do not cause a lot of danger. Chances of being injured or cut are highly reduced.
  7. They are made of sleek, shiny and crystal clear glass that shows off tile or designed stone works.
  8. The hardware that makes up the shower enclosure is sturdy and is not tedious to clean.
  9. Some frameless shower enclosures come supported with rails that ensure there is a strong wall anchoring to them to reinforce the stability of the wall.
  10. They are made of waterproof material that prevents leaking or splashing of water to the rest of the bathroom area. This contributes highly to the MagnaLock technology found in the locks.

How assuring is the quality of Vigo Frameless shower enclosures?

There are several mandatory and voluntary requirements which have been put in place by agencies, especially those under the government to ensure that bathroom product produced by industries are energy efficient and safe. Vigo products undergo testing by officials from these agencies and ensure that they are up to standard before approval. Some of the certifications that you will find on the Vigo frameless shower enclosure that guarantees quality are:

  1. AB1953 – a requirement that ensures products have less than or equal to a Lead percentage of 0.025%.
  2. NSF-61 – a standard that ensures that metal appliances and products such as faucets do not emit impurities into water.
  3. NSF-372 – a standard that ensures that plastic products do not emit impurities into water.
  4. WaterSense – voluntary compliance act that seeks to ensure faucets don’t exceed a flow of water of 1.5 gallons per minute.
  5. cUPC – a requirement that ensures products are durable, strong and are of the correct weight.
  6. ADA – a compliance that ensures that products produced are accessible by people with disabilities.
  7. ANSI Z97.1 – a compliance that ensures that glass products can withstand a certain amount of impact or weight without defect.
  8. UL Compliance – a compliance that ensures electrical products are safe and sustainable.
  9. CARB Compliant – this compliance ensures that products are not made of any material that can pollute the air.

How much do Vigo frameless shower enclosures cost and where can one purchase them?

Vigo aims at providing the best quality at the most affordable price. Frameless shower enclosures range from a price of US$ 400 to more than US$ 1500. The enclosures are widely available online, and the approved online retailers include Lowe’s, The Home Depot,,, Menards, eFaucets, Wayfair, and


Quality and authenticity is guaranteed as Vigo strikes at making each customer fall in love with their bathroom. They offer support and advice on the best frameless shower enclosures making sure that the customers are satisfied and enjoy their showering experience. This dedication and passion make them stand out among competitors.

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