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Looking for the Best shower doors?

Shower cubicle manufacturers are nowadays trying to incorporate tons of new features on shower doors in order to answer to market demands. Shower doors play a big role in making sure that you have a satisfactory showering experience. With the many types of shower doors in the market today, one may wonder what really matters when choosing one among the endless options. Whether you want to replace your shower door or hope to buy a shower cubicle with an attractive door, you definitely need some guidelines. But before tackling the factors one should consider, here are types of best shower doors available in the market today.

Types of  best shower doors

Shower doors vary depending on hardware, functionality and the different types of shower cubicles.

  1. Framed doors

 Framed best shower doors come with a frame that is well fitted to support the glass that makes the door. These frames are usually made of sleek metal that prevents a collection of soap scum and does not cause any visual interruptions.

  1. Frameless doors

 These are glass best shower doors that are not supported by metal frames. They are usually more expensive than their framed counterparts (about 40% more expensive). Due to the lack of frame support, the glass is usually made thicker in order to increase support. The lack of metal support creates an illusion of more space as the glass is sleek and stylish.

  1. Neo-angle door

This is a single best shower doors that are designed to tuck into a particular bathroom corner. It may be framed or frameless and features three glass panes. It swings to open due to a pivot fixed onto the walls at the top and bottom.


  1. Swinging/pivot doors

These doors have hinges or a pivot fixed onto the bathroom walls. Hinge pivots allow the door to swing like a standard door at 180 degrees while center pivots allow a 360-degree swing. The swinging is facilitated by a pin mechanism fixed onto the top and bottom walls.

  1. Round shower doors

These doors typically enclose a corner shower cubicle. They take a round shape.


  1. Bypass/sliding

These the best shower door that are fixed onto shower cubicles contained in bathrooms with limited space. Two doors slide past each other on a track. This saves space as the door does not swing to open. The doors usually slide in either direction.

  1. Steam doors

 These are doors that are usually fitted to touch the floor and the ceiling. They are designed to keep steam within the cubicle to prevent heat loss. However, some come with a transom put above the door to let out steam when opened.

  1. Bifold doors

 These doors are composed of a set of two glass panels. One of the glass panels is usually fixed onto the surrounding bathroom wall and the other is set to fold in on hinges. These doors are a good option where there is premium space within the bathroom as they do not encroach into much of the bathroom space.

Factors to consider when choosing a shower door

  1. Measurements

Before heading to shop for a shower door, first get the measurements of the door space to ensure that you get the right door that will fit well into your shower cubicle. If it’s a frameless door, get a professional to do it for you. If you’re replacing your old door and are willing to do the measurements yourself, cross check your lengths and widths for accuracy.

  1. Glass type

All shower doors are usually made out of tempered glass which is also called safety glass. It shatters into rounded bits that do not cause a lot of danger. When getting a shower door, look for safety markings to ensure that the door is of good quality. It should be made from a reputable manufacturer that abides by the British Standards. Low-iron glass is also highly advised as it gives an airy feeling and prevents tinting. It is however costly.

  1. Glass thickness

The minimum thickness for frameless glass doors is 3/8 inches with ½ and ¾ inches being considered sturdier. Cheap glass doors come with a thickness of about 4mm with standard and designer doors ranging from 6mm up to 12mm. Thicker doors tend to give a sense of privacy but are much more expensive.

  1. Style

When getting a shower door, pick one that matches your style. Colors and patterns vary with the most common being clear glass doors. There are a variety of suitable styles and finishes available but it is advisable to pick one that matches your cubicle’s hardware. Styles include polished or brushed doors; nickel, chromed and ultra-chromed doors; all-white finishes; bright, mirrored or smoked glass, among others. Make sure that the material matches other fixtures and fittings in your bathroom.

  1. Easy to clean doors

Glass doors are easily stained by mineral components found in hard water. This makes cleaning challenging and tedious. Manufacturers nowadays use a special type of protective coating that prevents this staining and allows easy cleaning of the glass. It’s invisible and very effective. It also increases the durability of your glass door. Check whether a door has this layer before purchasing it.

  1. Price

It is very important to ensure that you work within your budget when purchasing any particular shower door. Doors made of thicker glass will require additional fittings and fixtures in order to complement the new added weight and size. This means additional costs. Other costs may accrue from delivery and fitting services. A thicker door may need two people to fit it, meaning that cost of labor is included. If you’re the fix-it-yourself kind of person, get a door that is not complicated to fit and has a good instruction handbook. This will save you a lot of extra expenses.

When you choose a shower door consider a recognized brand. In the Dreamline shower door reviews, I have covered shower doors of that brand.

Glass best shower doors have provided a better and stylish viable alternative to traditional shower curtains. It is very important to have a guideline when purchasing a shower door. This ensures that you get quality and enjoy your showering experience without worry. Whether it’s a particular design or brand you want, make sure it’s up to the right standards.

The Ultimate Guide to Sliding Shower Door

Many people nowadays are having problems regarding their bought houses with small spaces that have hinged doors which are very inefficient because of limited maneuverability. Because the Sliding Shower Door opens in a rather inefficient way that is why it takes too much space.In a small house, using the limited space as efficiently as possible is a must in order to improve the overall comfortability of the house and the small spaces.

shower door

In a small house, using the limited space as efficiently as possible is a must in order to improve the overall comfortability of the house and the small spaces. Installing a sliding door would be of great help in this situation because of its efficiency and being fairly inexpensive.

What is a Sliding Door?

A sliding door is a type of door when opened, moves horizontally in a sliding motion usually through a space between the walls or with an exterior slide placed on the wall. Automatic sliding doors for the use of people were invented in 1954 by Lew Hewitt and Dee Horton. These doors were first installed in 1960, and it uses a mat actuator for its mechanism.The modern uses significantly lesser space than a hinged door, and it is very efficient to use. As we all know, maneuverability is a must when in small spaces within the house in order to increase productivity.

What are the benefits of having a Sliding Door?

Sliding doors have a number of benefits, increased maneuverability, cost-effectiveness, increased space, and improved overall look of your interior because of it subtle design. It also solves the problems that are common in small shower spaces because of its benefits great aesthetics that fit small shower spaces.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Increased Maneuverability: Sliding doors are opened by a sliding motion, unlike in hinged doors so that the movement of the doors is efficient. For example: in hinged doors, the door opens in a direction where it needs free space in order to be opened properly. This is rather inefficient because the potential usage of space will be limited because of the door’s obstruction thus, limiting the movements around the door. Sliding doors will remove this inefficiency and will save more space than your typical hinged doors. With more saved space, there is more room for furniture and more breathing space.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Sliding shower doors are durable and will last longer than hinged doors because of its mechanism. The mechanism in hinged doors has a higher chance of failure than those in sliding doors because of the mechanism’s structure, and the mechanism of sliding doors are made to be much more rigid and durable.
  • Aesthetics: The overall look and feel of a sliding door will help in improving the overall aesthetics of your house. Having that modern feel to your house is a great way to improving visualization. Improving the overall look of your house in order to please your visitor’s eyes is not a bad idea but when you improve the look of your house as well as your overall comfortability with that house, it is not just a good idea to install a sliding door; it is the greatest idea to have it.
  • Efficient use of space: Sliding shower door will not use too much space when opened unlike in hinged doors where an empty space is needed to be allocated to be opened. Spaces that are to be used for hinged doors can be instead used for other useful purposes.
  • Light – The overall look of the sliding doors are subtle and light, they are also a great way to have an efficient flow of lightings in your house. A well-lit house is a joyful house because light enables people to be more productive.  Also, being light to the eye, the sliding door is a great aesthetic.
  • Traffic Flow: With increased space and efficient movement, it will be a hassle- free to use a sliding door. The efficient sliding movement of the sliding door enables more people to go through the door unlike in a normal hinged door; the opened door plate is a great hindrance for people’s movement because it blocks their way. So if you want to have more efficient traffic flow in your home, a sliding door is a great idea.
  • Air Flow – Sliding doors are great for regulating air flow because of the versatility of their design.For example, if you want the fresh wind to go in your house, you can just leave a sliding door open while not becoming an eyesore.

With its number of benefits, a typical sliding door set costs about 900 $, and materials are about the same, and labor costs are around 400 $. The cost is justified by its benefits though.

But Sliding Shower Door are costly, are they worth it?

Yes, they are indeed somewhat expensive, but the added benefits of having a Sliding shower door installed in your house are really nice when compared to a normal door. It is your choice though, do not force yourself to buy and install a sliding door if it exceeds your budget. Still, it is very useful to have a sliding door installed in your house.

Where would I buy a good Sliding Door for my house?

You can easily find a great deal on the internet; just make sure that the sites you are visiting are legitimate.

I have found some legitimate sites:



Container Store



These legitimate sites have great sliding doors, but if you have a supplier is nearby though, you can buy there instead.

Final Thoughts

Sliding Shower Door are the product of innovation in this modern era; they are beneficial for us so why not install one in your house? With their advantages, compared to the hinged doors, sliding doors are much more worth to buy and have in a small spaced house. The only downside is, you need to have an allocated budget for it if you are planning to have one, it is fairly expensive so be a wise spender. But once you buy it you would love it and it can make your life easy.

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