How To Stop Hairloss While Showering

There could be something of curiosity for you to read this. Hair loss while shower is something almost every one has noticed. But do you know, it goes far beyond the shower?

There are two major categories you can focus:

Your general health and shower habits.

Generally speaking, hair-loss while showering can be perceived as a lack of sufficient nutrient required for the sustenance of the hair strand. There are quite a good number of hair nutrient that will help you on how to stop hair loss while showering and provide your hair with the quality attributes you’ve always expected.

Hair qualities like good growth, glittering strands, softness, thickness, and dandruff-free can be attributed to hair nutrients like protein, vitamins, and iron amongst others.

Although this article is tailored to educate you on how to stop hairloss while showering notwithstanding you need to know for certain that the fungus in your bathroom is one of the foremost contributing factors to having your hair fall out from your scalp.

So, if you are experiencing hair-loss during a shower, it simply means that there are certain things you may not be doing the right way. If your shower is infested with mold-like fungi, then that should be the first enemy within your indoor environment you’ll need to combat for your hair to be restored.


It is important to note that your hair is supplied with available nutrients required for sustenance with capillaries through the root of your hair. Capillaries are very small blood vessels transporting needed nutrients to the different parts of the body.

Using a bathroom that lacks basic facilities like proper ventilation and proper roof insulation amongst others can lead you to contact fungi like mold and mildew. In most cases, these fungi can be visible to the bare eyes and sometimes only visible with the use of a microscope. You might have heard that not all fungi are destructive or hazardous to your health. However, you need to know too well that any fungus that takes your bathroom as a shelter is among the hazardous fungi!

You contact ailment from these fungi once you inhaled their smell. Practically, except you’ll make use of oxygen tank or nose guard always while using your bathroom; it will be very difficult for you not to inhale the smell of the fungi in your bathroom once allowed to be present.

Once contracted as an infection, what a mold-like fungus infection does is to obstruct the capacity of the capillaries to distribute the nutrient effectively to the hair root. As a result of this, an affected person’s hair strands have no other choice than to fall off easily while having a shower.

Furthermore, hairloss during the shower can also be attributed to the temperature of the water being used. If you are looking for a way out on how to stop hairloss while showering, it is highly advisable that you make use of cold water while having your shower.

Although other water like warm and hot might also be very good in their own way of application, meanwhile you need to know when it is right to use any of them on your body. Hot water is very good when you have needed to exfoliate your skin but not the best option on how to stop hairloss while showering.

Warm water is a better option to massage your body especially when it has to do with natural remedies for stress relief. This option also will not go down well with your hair while showering if not properly applied. So you may want to ask:

What are the best ways on how to stop hair loss while showering?

  1. Eat appropriate food.

There are nutrients required to keep your hair strong on your scalp and most of these nutrients can only be derived if you eat the appropriate food. Nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, Vitamin D, protein, iron and so on are just but a few to mention. Eating foods like egg, vegetables, fruits in the right proportion are ways on how to prevent hairloss while showering.

2. Don’t create histamine in your body.

What is histamine if you may ask? Have you ever heard of any allergic neurochemicals before? If yes, that is exactly what histamine is. It is a deadly neurochemical transmitting allergen all over the body once an individual has a contact with mold spores in his/her bathroom. In essence, hairloss while showering is one of the allergic reactions caused by histamine once a contact is established in the body’s blood circulatory system. In order to stop this, ensure your bathroom is well ventilated and sanitized regularly with clean water, brush, and bleach.

  3. Use cool water while showering.

It is vital to note that you are more of an advantage than being at a disadvantage when you choose to have your shower with cool water. Based on the chemistry of the body, cool water will do more in ensuring that there is proper blood circulatory system in your body compared to hot water. What this means is that your hair will have more nutrient available at the root hair for sustenance compared to using hot water.

      4. What of warm water?

You may want to use warm water because the weather is cold, good. Once you are done using warm water while having your shower, it is advisable that you complete it with cool water most especially on your hair so as to help retain the required nutrient for sustenance.

      5. I enjoy using hot water, what about that?

Generally speaking, if you want to live healthily and see your children’s children, it is advisable that you only have a hot shower once in a blue moon. It is not advisable for you to use hot water at all times compared to warm and cool water.


A word is enough for a wise. Without being told, cleanliness is next to godliness. You’ll know how to stop hairloss while showering once you put in practice the proper clean up of fungi in your bathroom. Secondly, using cool water is one of the surest hints on how to stop hairloss while showering.

Cool water will not just provide you with the required hair strength and stability while showering but also, will enable your hair to glow. It is not just girls, ladies, and women who love to have a glowing hair, even most men do.

Cool water is a natural remedy to seal up the pores and cuticles on your scalp and ensure that you get rid hair frizz effortlessly. As a matter of face, you’ll have a hair that is so smooth beyond your wildest imagination without using any much hair gel once you keep practicing the use of cool water while showering.

Above all, if you want to know how to stop hairloss while showering, ensure that you know exactly the level of acidity in your hair cosmetics. Your hair will lose strength and stability once you make use of hair cosmetics with a high level of acidity and therefore will easily fall off once it comes in contact with a flow of water.

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