Why You Should Not Shower Daily

You have always considered showering daily is a healthy habit. And that is true!

However when you do that unconditionally, it is not a healthy habit but just an unrecognized addiction.

Know that there were tribes existed without bathing even a single time in their life. They used to recognize each other just by the smell ( ya, no wonder! 🙂 ). That is not the point of discussion here, any there is no recommendations along those lines.

Here is the point:

Your body produces natural oil that is essential to keep your skin and hair healthy. Washing away those prematurely is not always a good option.

Also, there are many factors including where you live can affect your decision.

In the high winter areas, the skin takes a beating due to the extremer weather. This tempts you to take a hot shower. This could be further damaging to the skin. The body lotions that you buy will do some good, but there is nothing like the natural oil produced by the skin.

It can also promote hair loss, no matter what the weather is. Wipe it well.

Also, another potential problem is water wastage. Just a 10 minutes shower can use up to 50 gallons of water!

So when you take shower next time, think about it 🙂

Give here is an infographics that will tell you why showring every day is necessarily not a good idea.

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Why Daily Shower is not Good For you



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