How to Keep Shower Door From Leaking

Preventing shower door leaks is not always an easy task. However, it can be done with a little bit of patience and a system to follow. As a homeowner, it is quite a feat to Keep Shower Door From Leaking even before it happens especially in the shower. Following these steps can help.

So how do we fix it?

Determining the Cause of Leaks

First, the homeowner has to examine the construction of the shower door itself. Sometimes, leaks occur because of a mistake in the construction of the metal track that holds the glass. Because of the loose frame construction, water damage as well as mold can cause small leaks to occur.

To Keep Shower Door From Leaking this, the homeowner should pay attention to the construction of the glass frame. He should look at the materials being used as well as the overall quality of the frame itself. This way, it will not incur damage over time and cause irreparable leaks down the line.

Less Is More

It is good to remember that sometimes less caulk is better for the frame. Make sure to thoroughly caulk the external part of the metal shower trim, but always try to avoid the weep holes inside the shower.

Those smaller drain holes at the bottom of the metal track allow condensation to occur, causing the water to drain back into the shower.  The point is to not trap the water inside the track. If the weep holes are left open, the drain will work without hindrance leaving the shower to quickly dry.

The Importance of Knowing the Caulk Type

It is important to take note of the type of caulk to be used as well. According to studies, a silicone caulk is the only type of solution that has lasted long enough for many years. It is flexible and will not shrink or crack unless placed under direct sunlight.

Avoid acrylic caulk because it will solidify and crack in due time. It will also become permeable to mold and mildew over time.

Additional Tips to Keep Shower Door From Leaking

Shower door swipes and seals can also help keep the water inside. Consider Shower Door Geometry in to consideration. A Curved Glass Shower Door will have a different requirement than a Rectangular Shower Door.

Clear silicone is known to be the best for metal trims and metal shower fixtures. If the home owner wants to match the corners of the shower walls or shelving, he or she can use colored silicone. (White, Grout)

Check if the rubber seals are in place and in good condition. These seals should be placed around the glass and shower door. It will play an important role in directing the water back into the shower and reduces the possibility of leaks and splashes getting through the gaps in the door.

These rubber seals are cheap and easily replaceable. They are also available in any glass supply shop in the country.

Closing Statement: Reminders When Buying Caulk

Customers ought to buy products that are specific to Keep Shower Door From Leaking. These basic materials are made of ingredients that were created to handle issues specific to shower doors and other bathroom fixtures.

Always make sure to read the labels for further information on ingredients and instructions. Reading the fine print will allow the owners to figure out if the solutions have components that might affect mould persistence down the line.

Pay attention to specific details in the product names. Product labels are used to grab customer attention. However, these labels may fail to explain to the contents of the product itself.

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