How to Keep Shower Door from fogging

Having a fogged up shower door can be quite annoying especially if the user is trying to look for his or her razor outside the designated shower area or if he or she is looking at the time. This is why it is important for homeowners to learn all that they can about taking care of the shower doors regularly and how you can keep shower door from fogging.

Fortunately, there are certain steps that one person can take to get rid of the fogging effectively without spending too much money. Such as care is important especially when you have elegant sliding shower doors. There are just a few materials that would be needed and a few steps to be taken immediately.

Materials needed to clean shower door from fogging

Initially, the bathroom owner ought to get the following materials:

  • A bar of cake soap
  • Dry rags
  • Glass cleaner

Once all these materials are gathered together, it would be easier for the owner to clean up and prevent the door from being fogged up.

Significant Steps

  • To clean shower door from fogging first of all, copious amounts of glass cleaner should be applied on the door to remove dust and mildew without incurring too much damage to the glass itself.
  • After this, the glass door should be dried out thoroughly. There should be no moisture present upon the application of the cake soap.
  • After drying out the glass door, the owner can take the bar of cake soap and wipe the glass with soap residue completely. Take note that the door should be totally covered with soap.
  • Upon finishing with a door, the soap should be removed with dry rags as carefully as possible.

Additional Reminders

Always remember that the glass cleaner effectively removes the soap film. This is the material that prevents the door from completely fogging up. To keep shower door from fogging issue from ever occurring again, it would be best to reapply the soap after each cleaning session.

It would be best to use dry rags because these types of rags will not have water residue that could cling onto the glass doors even after the cleaning session. This way, the glass doors will be easier to maintain down the line as well.

Cleaning should be done at least twice a week to prevent fogging as well as dirt, and mildew accumulation. Cleaning the doors on a regular basis will also make the activity much easier to do over time. Wiping the glass doors after each shower session will make maintenance far easier.

The homeowner has the option not to spend too much money on the kind of soap to be used. A common bar soap should do the trick.

Final Words

If one feels like he cannot do this alone, it would be important to contact professional cleaners to do the job. There are many available cleaning companies in the U.S. who could help out at extremely affordable prices. Homeowners just have to know where to look.

However, if the homeowner wants to save cash, it would be best to follow the steps above without skipping. It would also help to use environment-friendly glass cleaners to prevent further damage to the glass and the surroundings over time.


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