How to Make Shower Doors Private

There are reasons that you are convinced to add bit more privacy to your shower door. Whatever be that reason, let us in to some of the options available.

As much as you enjoy the trendiness and neatness of glass shower doors, privacy proves to be a matter in question for most users of glass doors. Since these  Glass Bathroom doors are prone to come into contact with water, most methods that people use to try and make the glass translucent end up hitting the rock as water destroys whatever one uses on the doors thus leaving one visible to those in the vicinity of the bathroom.

Many people have been evidenced to ask how they can solve the issue of privacy online thus proving it to be a major problem. One factor that you must observe with bathroom glass doors is the ability of light getting through the glass into the bathroom. One of the ways to make sure your glass door is private is acquiring shower doors that are translucent thus giving you privacy when you get to bathe. If your shower doors are not translucent, no need to worry as the tips below will ensure that you get the privacy you require while enjoying your time in the shower.

How to Make Your Shower Doors Not See Through

  • Buying a shower curtain- one easy way to ensure that no one gets to see you when you have a shower is installing a curtain that you get to cover your shower doors with thus providing you with privacy. The curtain is recommended for those who are on a tight budget thus ensuring you are not left in financial crisis.
  • Window films- this is a less expensive way to protect your privacy as it requires you to buy and install a sticker on your glass door thus no one gets to see you while you ensure that all parts of your body are clean.
  • Adding a folding screen- one of the easy ways to ensure privacy is adding a folding screen that one can easily install and remove thus light gets to get through. Also, it ensures that your house has a great outlook that is not only pleasing to the eye but also makes the bathroom look great.
  • Frosting your glass- if you are looking for a permanent solution, frosting your door is the best move for you as the door gets to be translucent for a long period of time and still give your bathroom that is nothing short of pleasing.
  • Etching the glass- one of the easiest ways is to paint the outer side of the glass door thus you get to draw what you like on your bathroom thus making you feel at home every time you step in your bathroom.

There are still easier options which include spraying the door but can prove to be tiresome as they require a lot of preparation and can need to be redone several times.


Though there are several ways to ensure that your door is translucent, purchasing a door that is translucent as it will save you from any extra costs and also ensure that it stays translucent permanently.

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