How to clean shower door with Lemon

It is a no brainer  that using a natural ingredient makes cleaning much pleasant than chemicals. Lemon will help you keep your shower doors clean in a natural way.

Part of being a responsible homeowner is to make sure that one is able to keep the essential parts of the home as clean as possible. However, the task can be quite challenging especially if stubborn stains and scum are to be cleaned off.

There are cleaning products for shower available in the market. However, we are going to discuss the Lemon way.

Here is how you can clean shower door

Fortunately, there are easy steps to take to clean off the scum from hard to reach places such as bathrooms or shower doors. Once the homeowner is able to follow the steps, he or she will easily be able to cleaning shower door without much hassle.

Materials Needed to clean shower door with Lemon

The first thing that the homeowner needs to do is to make sure that he is able to gather the right materials to use for cleaning glass shower doors.

  • One large lemon
  • A bowl of salt
  • Dry rags

Significant Steps

Once the homeowner is able to gather these materials, it would then be easy to clean off scum and dirt from every corner of the glass shower doors.

  • The first step to take is to cut one large lemon into half.
  • Next, place copious amounts of salt into a small bowl.
  • After this, dip the lemon the bowl of salt.
  • Rub the salt and lemon solution/mixture onto the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes on the glass. Anyone can do this while taking a shower.
  • The abrasiveness of the salt plus the citrus extract from the lemon can help dissolve and remove the scum off the glass without difficulty.
  • After a few minutes, rinse it off with plain water.
  • As the last step, the homeowner can choose to dry it off with a piece of cloth to remove the excess water and prevent water damage over time.

If the homeowner chooses to be thorough, he or she can use the other half of the lemon to repeat the cleansing process.

Recommended Intervals and Additional Tips to clean shower door

One can choose to do this before and after showering if necessary. However, cleaning the glass shower doors once or twice a week is enough to help prevent dust and mildew accumulation.

If the owner can go all organic when it comes to cleaning glass shower doors as recommended earlier, it would be for the best.

However, if chemical solutions remain to be an option, it would be best to consult environment-friendly cleaning companies for recommendations regarding viable products to use.


As the homeowner, it is one’s responsibility to clean shower door in tip-top shape to prolong the usability of the glass. However, if one finds this difficult to do on his own, there’s no shame in asking professionals to clean the glass shower doors.

Just make sure that they use organic solutions to help clean up the scum so as not to harm the environment even further. When looking for professional glass door cleaners, it would be best to ask for help from trusted friends and sources. This way, the homeowner can be sure that the people that he or she will work with will not cause more harm than good in the long run.


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