How to choose a frameless shower door

What are the features of the best frameless shower door

Glass Quality

When you look for a shower with glass door, quality of the class should not be compromised. In most, if not all of the cases, a manufacturer cannot make a glass below certain quality, so you should be covered.

Look for a tempered glass with appropriate thickness. 6mm (about 1/4 inch) thickness is nice.

Shower Door thickness can add elegance to your shower room.

Leak Prevention

Overlapping glass door may have the risk of leakage. When you purchase a glass door make sure it doesn’t leak. Improper installation could be a reason for the leakage. Professionally done installations will take care of this. If you are planning to do it by yourself, make sure you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer

Glass Design

Shower Doors come in various glass designs. Mostly used are Plain, Rain, Frosted, decorative


Of course, you need to get things done in your budget.

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors are nicer, but it costs more. However, there are many budget options are available with frameless shower doors.

Stand alone & Bath tub door options

If you are looking for a bath tub shower door, make sure that is what you are purchasing. The dimensions of that will be different from a standalone door.

Design flexibility

Do you have a smaller shower space? The you need a shower door that fits in to a small space. Or is a corner shower door the best for you? Would you like to have a quadrant shower door? There are the questions you need to ask before your purchase.


Good Customer Rating And Good Look and Feel

In pretty much all the shower door guides here you will be able to check Amazon to see the customer rating for that product. Customer rating is a certain thing to keep in mind while you purchase.

Easy to Install

Most the the manufacturer will recommend a professional installation. That is mostly the way to go. If you are doing a DIY project, you must check this factor.


Be mindful to measure your shower space. Bypass shower doors will have some flexibility and the dimension will be given in a range. This range represent how much door will be overlapping.  The doors with hinges need more care with dimension.

How much it is Out of Plumb Adjustable

Out of Plumb adjust-ability means, if the wall is not perfectly vertical, how much coverage the door gives. Some doors are DO NOT provide this. So this becomes are critical factor.

Look and Feel

Having all other factors checked out, you must see from the aesthetic point of view. This is your choice and it is a judgmental decision. A shower door that goes with rest of the deign aspects of your shower room will be great.

As always, a frameless sliding glass shower will be an elegant choice. However, it can come in many shape and designs. Even the finish – whether it is bronze, stainless steel or anything of that matter much go with rest of your shower design.


When it comes to shower door selection, the factors that matters the most we have discussed. Buying from a trusted place and buying a know brand will make your experience better. And shower door has a lot to do with the ambiance of a shower room.


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