Glass Shower Door Vs Curtain

Shower Door or Shower Curtain could be a design question you may have while modelling your shower room. Both comes with its own advantage.

While decorating your bathroom you may be confused whether to install glass shower doors or curtains. In this article, we will compare both thus helping you to make decisions that you won’t regret in future. While making the decision Glass Shower Door Vs Curtain, one has to consider their bathroom layouts thus making optimal decisions that suit their bathrooms best. Also, one has to consider cost as you do not wish to install an appliance that will leave you in a financial crisis.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Glass Shower Door Vs Curtain

In most cases, people tend to compare the two considering their outward appearance but come to think of it, the differences are more than how they look. As much as they contribute to the general outlook of your bathroom, they will also affect the functioning of your bathroom.

If you aim at making your bathroom to look neater, a curtain with several patterns would go a long way I giving your bathroom that look you desire thus ensuring you feel contented of how your bathroom looks. As much as the curtains assure you a smart outlook, they require high maintenance so as not to grow mold or even mildew.


If you are making a decision on Glass Shower Door Vs Curtain then on the other hand, glass doors have simple patterns that not only make your bathrooms look classy, but also ensure that disturbing mold does not get a surface to grow as they are easy to maintain. Curtains have the tendency to absorb water while you are having a shower thus make the bathroom dumpy and stuffy hence making you uncomfortable.

Some material used to make curtains release harmful chemicals that may cause harm to your respiratory system and also leave your nervous system at risk. These chemicals are very harmful to young children thus may cause them permanent conditions that one would avoid while using glass doors.

When installing shower curtains, one should check the quality so that to make sure it is pure linen and will not expose their family to any harm. If you are looking to make your bathroom classy, a glass door will prove to be your savior. A glass door also ensures that lighting is not an issue and thus don’t have to worry about your room being dark.

Curtains on the other hand, are easy to mount off and wash thus if you maintain cleanliness enough they give you a look that will please you and also leave your bathroom looking smart. As easy as people might consider a glass door to be easy to maintain, they can really look disguting when poorly maintained.


Need less to say, shower curtains are much less expensive compared to the doors. This is a no brainer.


Even though, taste changes from person to person, a frameless glass shower door is generally considered much elegant.


Since Shower Doors have tracks and joints, it will require better cleaning than a shower curtain. Shower curtains could be taken out and cleaned easily. If needed, you may replace a shower curtain with another one. This flexibility is not there for shower doors.

However, there are good shower door cleaning products are available to deal with it. And anyways, cleanliness should never be a second thought.

Considerations of Brand

When you look for shower doors, you might consider brands also, Dreamline , Vigo , Delta, Aston are some of the good shower door brands in the market.

Dimension and Orientation

Sometimes it will be hard to find a shower door for small places. On the other hand, if you want to locate your shower in the corner, choosing the best corner shower door will be a nice option.

Glass Shower Door Vs Curtain Conclusion

If you are looking to give your bathroom a facelift, a shower door would go a long way to ensure that your bathroom looks brilliant and also give you an easier time maintaining it. If you are on a tight schedule on the hand, purchasing a cotton-made curtain would go a long way in ensuring that your bathroom looks neat without blowing your budget.


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