Why Would A Glass Shower Door Shatter?

First off, know that glass shower doors are extremely safe. Should it shatter, it will safely become small pieces so that it doesn’t have sharp edges. That is the purpose of a tempered glass with which shower door glass is made of. But why would it shatter?

There are chances that the glass door in your bathroom can suddenly glass shower door shatter without any provocation. Again, when this happens it does go into very many small pieces. Shower doors are made of tempered glass which is specially treated with heat or chemically. This treatment renders the glass incapable of being cut, drilled or polished without causing it to break. When fractured at any point, tempered glass breaks entirely into small pieces.

Glass doors for showers are tempered after they have been fabricated to suit the shower’s specifics. During tempering the glass is heated to about 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and then rapidly cooled. The process gives tempered glass its uniqueness which is that it is 4 to 5 times as resistant to damage by blunt impact as annealed glass. The other unique property is that when it breaks it is in very many small pieces instead of large shreds which are safer.

Reasons For glass shower door shatter

The reason for the glass shower door shatter can be because there are forces acting on it such as a towel bar with a towel hanging on it.

Another reason may be the load imparted on by hinges and door handles attached to the door. These attachments impart loads to the glass that influence its breakage pattern and particle distribution. Edge damage under normal operation can be the reason why the glass would break. The edges are vulnerable and should not be allowed to hit hard surfaces are the door is being open or closed. If the glass hits material such as ceramic along its path then in the collision it is likely to shatter.

Poor hole fabrication could be a reason as to why the glass door might break. The holes must meet the right dimensions and be smooth seamed or polished. Holes’ misalignment is another reason for shattering. If this occurs the higher side of the hole receives that impact, unevenly distributed loads negatively impact the glass.

Sliding doors are on a track and use wheels. If the wheels rise up out of the track then the door can actually fall and cracking shall ensue.  The glass might hit something else such as the frame instead of the bumper when someone unintentionally, during closing pushes the door out of alignment.

A stressed operation is also a reason why the glass might break. If the sliding door allows a lot of movement, opportunities to overstress the door may arise such as twisting it, may result in it breaking.

Installation Process

Another reason that is not as a result of the installation process is that of impurities such as nickel sulfide. It is normally included in the form of a little sphere, no smaller than the size of a grain of salt. In the tempered glass it can go unnoticed for a very long time. If positioned in a tensile zone, it can suddenly disrupt the glass as it expands, causing it to break spontaneously.


The excessively tempered glass may also be a reason for glass shower door shatter. This is because past the recommended standard, the glass becomes more prone to breaking than it is tolerant.

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