Far Infrared Saunas Health Risks

Looking to get yourself all heated up and gain vitamins that sunlight provides? Infrared saunas are a great way to do that while using least energy. An infrared sauna is a room fitted with infrared heaters that release infrared heat that is directly absorbed into the body. Despite the fact that infrared saunas have great health benefits, they have risks backed up with convincing evidence.

Infrared Saunas are in general very safe and its risks are very minimal. However, some of this risks are temporary while others are permanent.

In this article, you will get to know how saunas affect your health and learn how to avoid its risks. It is key to note that saunas are unsuitable for pets and kids as heat produced is too much for them to handle. Some may sound convincing that saunas pose no health hazards but to be safe you should know their downside too.

For people with health conditions, it is wise to ensure that saunas do not affect your conditions in any way. Although some may assume they are healthy thus cannot be affected, overstaying in saunas exposes you to risks as well.

Dangers of Infrared Saunas

Though risks of saunas are commonly associated with infrared rays, it is proved that they certainly cause no harm to your body. The heat, on the other hand, has a major role in bringing about this risks. Among the risks related to infrared saunas are;


The heat produced by infrared saunas cause one to sweat which reduces the body water supply. Since saunas accelerate the rate of sweating, they can lead to dehydration especially to children and the elderly. Alcoholics are also known to lose a lot of water as alcohol inhibits overheating. So as to avoid dehydration, it is advised to take a lot of water thus covering the risk of water loss.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke

No matter how healthy one is, staying for long periods in the sauna may lead to overheating beyond recoverable levels. It is important to leave the sauna once symptoms of dizziness start showing up thus avoiding heat exhaustion. To avoid this, it is advisable to carry water into the sauna so that you pour it on yourself to cool down.

Skin rash

Excess heat on the body may cause one’s skin to crack due to excessive water loss. To avoid this, you are advised to carry water to pour on your body thus cooling off the heat. Also, one can use skin gels that moisturize the body thus skin gets to be relaxed thus avoiding skin rash.

Electromagnetic radiation

Modern infrared saunas produce electromagnetic rays that may cause cancer on high levels. So as to ensure you are not posed to this risks, you are advised to check the EMF levels. If you have a sauna at your home, it is advisable to ensure that electromagnetic rays are released at a low rate thus a healthy life.

Low EMF Infrared saunas will take care of this issue.

Medical conditions

In case you have a medical condition, you should avoid saunas altogether or get advice from a medical practitioner. Among the medical conditions that do not go well with saunas include;

  1. Stroke
  2. Heart conditions
  3. Brain tumors
  4. Multiple sclerosis

In case one has this cases and wishes to enjoy a good time in a sauna, getting advice from a doctor may go a long way in ensuring you are in perfect condition.


If you have implants on your bodies, saunas might be risky as they may mess up with the implants thus running you into losses. Spending a lot of time in saunas may lead to heating up of the implants thus leading to discomfort. This is because implants do not have heat regulators thus lose heat at a slower rate.

In the case of silicone implants, high temperatures from saunas may lead to melting thus losing the intended shape. Deep heat may also cause implants to rupture thus leaving your body at risk. So as to avoid problems, it is advisable to leave the sauna when you start feeling uncomfortable.

Nutritional depletion

Long-term usage of saunas may lead to depletion of vital nutrients and minerals. This is only witnessed in people who heavily use saunas. To avoid this condition, you are advised to eat wholesome meals and hydrate before getting into the sauna.


If you are under medication, it is advisable to keep off saunas as it may suppress medications. In case you need to use saunas while on medications, you should seek advice from your doctor to ensure safety.

Worsening eczema

For people suffering from eczema, profuse sweating may lead to increased itchiness. While in a sauna, one sweats a lot thus leaving one with an itchy feeling.

Heart conditions

For people with heart conditions, saunas are not advised as they lead to reduced breathing rates. Also, with the presence of toxins in one’s body, it may be harmful to the heart as toxins spread to the blood stream thus leading to heart conditions.

To avoid harm while using saunas, one should listen to their body reactions thus they get to note any changes that may occur within the body. This ensures that one gets health benefits from the sauna thus getting a healthy life.

In the case of artificial joints, metal pins and other implants, one should ensure that they get to use saunas minimally thus ensuring that they do not get to suffer after enjoying their sessions.


To ensure safety while using saunas, it is advisable not to overdo it as it leads to health hazards. Also, keeping yourself hydrated goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t suffer disorders brought about by dehydration. In the case that one has a medical condition, consulting a doctor ensures that you get to enjoy a good sweat without exposing your body to risk.

In the case that you own a sauna at your home, it is advisable to check its electromagnetic omission levels so as to ensure you don’t face risk related to EMF emissions.

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