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What is the best thickness for Glass Shower Doors ?

The most important reason you chose your  glass shower door – the glass itself.

So the glass criteria matters. Glass thickness is directly proportional to its structural strength. Also, thick glasses give elegant look.

What is the best thickness for a glass shower door? Here is the chart that shows the glass thickness of the doors available in the market.

How To Clean Water Spots Off Shower Glass?

Keeping the Glass Shower Door Off Water Spots is important.  They say “home reflects the personality of the homeowner” and if your home is not clean, then you depict your personality in the wrong way. The clean home is a happy home and that is why you have to make sure that each and every detail of your home is crystal clear and shine like no one lives there.

Well, considering the fact, every homeowner clean his prominent stuff, but how can you Clean Water Spots Off Shower Glass ?

Why You Should Not Shower Daily

You have always considered showering daily is a healthy habit. And that is true!

However when you do that unconditionally, it is not a healthy habit but just an unrecognized addiction.

Know that there were tribes existed without bathing even a single time in their life. They used to recognize each other just by the smell ( ya, no wonder! 🙂 ). That is not the point of discussion here, any there is no recommendations along those lines.

Here is the point:

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