What is the best thickness for Glass Shower Doors ?

The most important reason you chose your  glass shower door – the glass itself.

So the glass criteria matters. Glass thickness is directly proportional to its structural strength. Also, thick glasses give elegant look.

What is the best thickness for a glass shower door? Here is the chart that shows the glass thickness of the doors available in the market.

Shower Door Glass Thickness Sample Door Available in Amazon
1/4 in. (6mm)  See Sample Door At Amazon
5/16 in. (8mm)  See Sample Door At Amazon
3/8 in. (10mm)  See Sample Door At Amazon
1/2 inch (13 mm)  See Sample Door At Amazon

Higher the thickness of the glass better is its quality. However, the price point will go up accordingly.

So if the budget is a priority, for a frameless shower door 3/8 in. would be a the best thickness.

For a framed one 1/4 in. will also work great.

No matter what, almost all the shower door in the market is made with ANSI certified tempered glass. This will give adequate strength to the glass shower door.

There is no need to worry about the safety of the glass for this reason.

People normally choose thicker glass not only for its strength, but for its elegance.

So, in conclusion, any shower door that you decide to buy will be safe. However for a frameless shower door 3/18 inch glass would be ideal. For framed shower doors, it can be even 1/4 inch.


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