Best Shower Speakers Reviews and Comparison

Nothing beats dancing to your favorite beat while in the shower. Even better, catching up on the news while enjoying your bath time. Music in the shower is not only relaxing shower time but also acts as a source of motivation while doing your chores.

You need a speaker at your shower. But guess what?!

Not many speakers can be carried to the bathroom and live to see the next shower time. Thanks to technology, shower speakers ensure that you get to listen to your favorite tunes while doing your daily chores without destroying the speakers.

The speakers make it easier for you to sing your favorite songs without struggling to remember the lyrics. Also, the speakers keep you updated as you get to catch up on latest news without fuss.

Shower speakers, can be mounted on the wall or installed with a suction cup. After installing the speaker in your bathroom, you get better décor as it plays a role in decoration. What’s better, you can link your phone to the speaker thus you get to miss no call while enjoying your bath-time. Shower speakers have a great audio and can be used as portable speakers thus you get to enjoy the benefits of two devices in one.

Well if you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of the shower speaker, its high-time you bought one. One of the major problems, however, is finding the best speaker as there are several of them in the market. This article lists the best of the speakers thus ensuring you get to buy the best speakers in the bathroom.



item Battery life dimensions Mount type Amazon Link
1 SoundBot SB510 6 hours 4x4x5 inches suction Check on Amazon
2 UE Roll 2 9 hours 5.3×1.6×5.3 inches hanging Check On Amazon
3 Photive Hydra 8 hours 7x2x2 inches shelf Check On Amazon
4 Fugoo Sport 40 hours 4x7x9 inches shelf Check on Amazon
5 Braven Mira 10 hours 5×1.4×5 inches hanging Check on Amazon


SoundBot SB510

Shower speakers

The SoundBot SB510 is unarguably the best product that one can get in the market. This is because of its simple interface that allows you to change music and pick calls without leaving the bathroom. This is because it has buttons that allow you to perform the tasks you need just by the push of a button.

With the SoundBot, you do not worry about where to hang or fix your device as it can easily stick to the wall. This is because it is fitted with a suction cup that easily attaches itself to the wall. The SoundBot speaker has an inbuilt microphone that enables you to communicate with callers without necessarily leaving your bathroom.

The microphone also enables you to feed commands to your speakers thus you can easily operate your speaker without touching it. The suction cup however loses its grip on the wall over time thus might offer a challenge of finding where to place it in your bathroom. Check on Amazon


UE Roll 2

Shower speakers

if you are looking for a speaker that won’t spoil even when submerged in water, then the UE Roll 2 is just what you need. This waterproof speaker has an IPX7 rating thus you can submerge it under water for half an hour and no damages occur. The speaker is fitted with a stretching bungee thus you can easily hang it to your shower curtain and enjoy its services.

This speaker can connect up to two devices thus if you have two phones you need not worry missing a call from either phones. The UE Roll 2 has a clear sound thus you get to enjoy clear music during your bath time. The speaker has a long battery life that ensures you don’t need to charge the speaker for a whole day of usage.

Check On Amazon


Photive Hydra

Shower speakers

For those seeking clarity of sound, Photive hydra ensures you get exactly what you are looking for. Built from heavy duty rubber on the exterior, the speaker is dust tight and water proof thus great for the beach.  The speaker has a long life battery thus you can use it all day long without the need of hooking it up with a charger.

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Fugoo Sport

Shower speakers

With an IPX7 rating, the Fugoo sport is dustproof and airtight thus no fear of spoilage. Also, the speaker has an appealing look thus satisfies your eyes. The speaker has a voice-enabled multidirectional speaker that enables you to control your speaker, pick up your calls use Siri or even better google stuff.

The Fugoo Sport can go up to 40 hours without the need to be plugged into a charger thus one can use it for weeks or even months without the need to charge the speaker. If you are a sports fan the Fugoo sport is just what you need as you can easily get sports updates while enjoying your shower.

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Braven Mira

Shower speakers

One of the major advantages of the brazen mirror is the fact that it is small in size thus achieving portability. For such a small device, the brazen Mira has a high sound quality that ensures you enjoy great audio.  The hook at the back of the speaker makes it easy to hang around your bathroom thus no worry of where to place the speaker in your bathroom surfaces.

The speaker’s battery can stay up to eight hours thus you get to enjoy great music all day without having to recharge it.  With an IPX5 rating, the speaker can easily handle shower water without getting to spoil.

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If you are looking to acquire a speaker that suits all your needs, getting one of the best ensures you get great service. Having read this, you will be able to get a speaker that suits your needs without sweating. What’s great about shower speakers is the fact that they can be used as portable speakers thus saving you the agony of getting portable speakers. Compared to other speakers, shower speakers come at a small price and produce high-quality sound. Why wait? Purchase a shower speaker today and enjoy all the benefits.

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