Best Handheld Shower Head Review and Comparison

While taking shower, do you want to move with the shower head, or you want shower head to move as you need? In either case, handheld shower head is the answer.

One of the irritating moments in a shower is water not reaching parts that you really need to rinse properly. Also, when washing our children and pet’s showers can prove to be quite irritating. In case you have found yourself in such a situation, you should take matters into your hands and purchase a handheld shower.

Why have a shower that does not serve all your needs? Instead of regularly complaining how inefficient your shower is, acquire a handheld shower-head thus getting the service you need. While using a shower, thick hair is hard to rinse thus one may end up leaving soap in the hair. On the other hand, a handheld shower helps you wash your hair easily thus getting clean hair free of soap.

Occasionally, normal shower heads may clog with limescale thus a low rate of water. A good handheld shower on the other hand, does not clog thus ensuring you enjoy your bath-time. With many handheld showers out in the market, one may get confused of which one to go with. The list below will guide you to acquiring a handheld shower that fully suits your needs.


name color Material Flow rate weight Hose length For More Details
YOO.MEE high-pressure handheld shower head chrome Plastic, stainless steel 2.5 GPM 1.1 pounds 79 inches Check on Amazon
Aqua dance high-pressure 6-setting shower head. chrome Stainless steel 2.5 GPM 1.5 pounds 60 inches  Check on Amazon
Delta faucet 75700 chrome Multi 2.5 GPM 1.5 pounds 75 inches Check on Amazon
Shower max premium 6 spray setting chrome ABS 2.5 GPM 1.3 pounds 59 inches Check on Amazon
Dream spa 1432 3-way rainfall shower chrome ABS, stainless steel 2.5 GPM 1.75 pounds 60 inches Check on Amazon


YOO.MEE high-pressure handheld shower head Review

 Handheld Shower

If you are looking to acquire a handheld shower head, I’m sure you look to acquire the best there is. YOO.MEE is surely the best you can get in the market. Its features include;

  • The shower head has a 2xp turbocharging technology that ensures you get adequate pressure even with low water pressure settings.
  • The shower has a 79-inch-long stainless steel hose that ensures you get to enjoy long service from the shower. The long hose ensures you easily reach every part of your body thus giving you an easy bath-time.
  • The hose has a chrome finishing which adds décor to your bathroom thus giving it a great look.

The downside of this shower is the fact that the shower head is made of plastic thus may easily break leading to loss of water pressure. Check on Amazon

Aqua dance high-pressure 6-setting handheld shower head Review

Handheld Shower

At runners-up is the aqua dance that has features that not only ensure you get a clean look but also get relaxed while doing this. Some of its features include;

  • Easy tool connection- This shower is easy to fix thus no need to call a plumber to put it up for you.
  • The shower has an angle- Adjustable overhead bracket that enables you to use it hands-free and still get comfort in your bath-time.
  • The handheld shower has an ergonomic grip handle that ensures that the shower head does not slip while you get to enjoy your bath time.
  • The stainless steel hose ensures that the shower gets to serve you for a long period of time thus no costs are incurred to repair the shower.Check on Amazon

Delta Faucet 75700 Review

Handheld Shower

The delta faucet 75700 proves to be an exciting choice as it has a long hose length that covers a lot of needs.

Features of the delta faucet 75700

  • The shower arm mount is fitted with a ball socket thus can be tilted to different angles allowing showering by both tall and short people.
  • It has a pause feature that ensures water conservation when lathering or carrying any other bathroom activities.
  • It is made of soft rubber thus ease in cleaning the spray holes thus avoiding limescale buildup hence no clogging.
  • The faucet has a vacuum breaker that decreases water usage and lowers the power bill.
  • Its chrome finishing goes well with most decors and thus it makes your bathroom more stylish.
  • This handheld shower has seven different spray settings that are easy to switch between thus you get an easier more comfortable bath-time.
  • The exterior of this shower is made from anti-crack material thus no fear of breakage in the case that it falls down.

The hose has been known to tangle up thus one has to untangle it after every bath so as to ensure it does not spoil. Check on Amazon

Shower max premium 6-spray setting Review

 Handheld Shower

The Shower max on the other hand has features that outdo its counterparts and ensure you get quality time in the bathroom. Among this features include;

  • A flow restrictor and sand filter disk that ensures that no particles get to clog the jet holes thus no risk of clogging.
  • The Shower max comes at an affordable rate and thus you get to enjoy great service and still save your money.
  • The shower is fitted with an adjustable brass joint that offers you a hands-free experience and still reaches all intended areas.
  • The shower has a switch that allows one to regulate water while lathering thus conserving water.    Check on Amazon

Dream spa 1432 3-way rainfall shower Review

 Handheld Shower

The dream spa 1432 is among the handheld showers that not only get to perform but also come at pocket-friendly prices. Its major features include;

  • 3-zone click dialer with rub-clean jets that are easy to wipe thus preventing clogging.
  • The hose is fitted with dual conical brass hose nuts for easy hand tightening thus it does not slip while you shower. Check on Amazon

Benefits of Having a Handheld Shower Fitted in Your Bathroom

With a handheld shower, you get to clean your bathroom a lot easier. This is because of the hose that ensures you reach every part of your bathroom thus leaving it extra clean. The handheld shower ensures you clean your children and parts with much ease and with no water wastage.


If you are looking to raise your bath-time experience, installing a handheld shower is what you just need. With a top-rated shower, you are sure to have lesser shower-related stress as you can use the handheld shower to cover all your needs.

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