Bathroom Mold Health Hazards You Never Knew

You were taking those molds very easy right?

If not, it is a good news. Either way, here we will go through a myriads of issues that could be caused by bathroom molds.

Let’s start:

A bathroom is one of the indispensable aspects of an indoor environment. As we are all aware, the bathroom often referred to as a component of convenience houses active and inactive organisms.

Besides, these organisms are the combinations of allergens, contaminants, and microbial organic compounds finding any bathroom as a safe haven to thrive.  One of the most challenging contaminants is the bathroom mold.

Certain parts of bathroom can be more susceptible to mold. If you compare shower doors, frameless shower doors will get much less mold as compared to framed ones.

Bathroom mold is a toxigenic fungus causing health hazards commonly found in any moist environment. This does not imply that a convenience facility like a bathroom cannot be moist and safe to use but should be kept dry as quickly as possible all the time. Most noteworthy is that any moist environment that lacks the requisite for being dried in a timely manner will encourage mold to fester. Most especially if a bathroom is known for leakage through its pipe, door, and ceiling or observed with stagnant water; mold will gladly find its extensions from such bathroom floor, to the wall and ceiling and even up to the entrance.

Ordinarily, the bathroom is seen to be a fertile ground for mold because it’s often wet due to a good number of reasons. As a matter of fact, mold growth in most cases is a product of dampness. According to World Health Organization (WHO), a mold is premised on indicators like leakage of water, bathroom floor coverings having strange colors like green, blue or black, shower room having poor ceilings, poor shower doors, and unkempt bathroom walls. Quite a number of studies that were conducted in an indoor environment like a bathroom in developed countries such as the US show a statistics of above 50 percent being affected by mold.

Furthermore, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) states that any bathroom that lacks the prerequisites for adequate functioning like proper heating, insulation, and ventilation is prone to serve as a breeding ground for fungi causing health hazard like bathroom  mold.  A crucial affecting factor for mold in the bathroom is poor ventilation amongst others.

Poor ventilation will encourage a high level of humidity in the bathroom which will end up creating room for the growth of filaments of hyphae.  The condition surrounding the growth of mold in the bathroom also provides for the infestation of termites, mites, mildew, earthworm, and cockroaches.  All of these will go a long way to create a damaging effect on the structure of the bathroom as well as adversely affecting the health of the users.

Molds Promotes Termites

This creature, though smaller in nature but belong to the same family as a cockroach. This kind of insects can be very destructive once allowed to settle anywhere because they can actually settle anywhere having a high concentration of moisture and take over the entire space of such environment. Termites in your convenience will do no good but feed on bathroom mold, create a colony of up to 3 million members perhaps on your bathroom wall and end up contaminating your towel, toiletries, and even your wooden cutleries. All of these will be as a result of the mold you’ve groomed in your bathroom. Mind you, just as the cockroach can crawl into the human ear for shelter so also termites do!

Mites love Mold

This is another creature that could enjoy having fun in your bathroom once the mold is present. Mites, although smaller in size, share similar body feature with spider and feed on mold. The more the mold in your bathroom, the more mites come around. For your information, mites are carriers of actinomycetes disease and thereby hazardous to your health!

Mold and Mildew Relation

Just as the bathroom mold is not human-friendly to a large extent, so also is the mildew. Mildew is generated from the mold, i.e., live on mold, developed from the mold and harmful to the health.

The following are health hazards which can be contacted by any user of mold infested bathroom.

Asthma from Mold

This is a terrible disease affecting the most part of the breathing system. Bathroom mold is a carrier of hazardous smell and once such smell is perceived by a user of mold infested bathroom over a period of time, there’s likelihood of contracting asthma.

Mycotoxins Due to Mold

It is a type of disease-causing pulmonary hemorrhage and even cancer. An affected person will experience coughing out blood while attempting to clear the throat of mucus. Mycotoxins are often caused by toxic mildew generated from bathroom mold.

Impairment due to Mold

Mold is one of the causes of mental impairment. Having constant contact with any bathroom infested with mold will create the problem of mental impairment. It implies manic depression where an individual puts up aggressive behavior. This form of impairment can be observed in the mood of someone affected by bathroom mold.


This is a situation whereby an individual who uses a bathroom infested with mold contacts inflammation of the mucous membrane. From what is known as mold spore, this toxic fungi mechanism can create an avenue for a buildup of nose and throat mucus.


Once a mold is present in any bathroom, exposure to it is inevitable. A cough is one of the side-effects of being exposed to bathroom mold over and over again. An affected user of a mold-infested bathroom will suddenly start experiencing some sort of regular reflex action to clear the throat.


This is a respiratory tract infection which can be contacted by any user of a mold-infested bathroom. The breathing in of mold smell which of course is inevitable once you make use of a mold-infested bathroom will in no doubt result in wheezing.  Once the smell of this bathroom mold is inhaled, it obstructs the air passage and makes the respiratory system terribly difficult. An affected person will experience a whistling sound right in the heart while exhalin


This is also another health hazard linking bathroom mold to it as a source of concern. It is a disease causing shortness of breath.



Mold spores are irritant substances that cannot be seen with your naked eyes but could easily create body discomfort. As long as you make use of a mold-infested restroom over and over again, soonest you’ll get a feeling of general body discomfort.

Eyes allergies

A mold-infested bathroom is capable of affecting your eyes with itching, red eyes, and watery eyes. When this disease is not identified in a timely manner, it could result in conjunctivitis.

Athletic foot

This is another surprising disease that can be visited upon users of mold infested bathroom. It is a kind of disease which happens between two or more toes. Mind you, this type of disease is contagious!

How To Control Bathroom Mold?

It is possible to control mold in any bathroom and avoid becoming a victim of its health hazards. One of the easiest ways to nip the trend of your bathroom mold in the bud is for you to understand the essence of this article.

So far so good, you’ve been informed on:

  • What mold is
  • Why mold
  • The health hazards of your bathroom mold

So now, we can now move on to the measurements required to put bathroom molds under check if not totally eliminate them.

Take Considerations While Building your Bathroom

Certain items in the bathroom are less prone to mold. A Frameless Glass Shower Door is less likely to get mold compared a framed one.

Choose your bathroom elements wisely.

Ventilation for Mold Control

It doesn’t matter your kind of bathtub, it is expedient that it should be properly ventilated. Bathroom ventilation has to do with the use of exhaust fan to evacuate cold air from the bathroom.

   That‘s not all, it also supports the quick drying up of moisture from the bathroom.  However, creating a well-framed big-sized window in your bathroom will do a good job of crippling any form of mold for a long period of time compared to an exhaust fan. It is advisable that it should be a cross ventilation.

Bathroom Ultra Violet Light For Mold Control

Depending on the degree of the mold in your bathroom, you can go the extra mile to adding Ultra Violet light. This will help to combat toxic molds like penicillin, aspergillus, and the dark black mold. Although not an excellent option if not combined with other methods, but bathroom Ultra Violet light is one of the good methods of controlling bathroom humidity levels.

Regular Sanitation Keeps Mold Away

In order to properly complement other efforts geared at rooting out mold in your bathroom, you need to add constant sanitization. This implies sweeping the bathroom floor and mopping it.

The mopping will also require the use of disinfectant. Besides the floor, the bathroom wall should also be mopped and sprayed with disinfectant. The tub should be mopped and disinfected. If possible, the ceiling should be cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant as well.


Despite the fact that mold is required to balance the ecosystem; it is however not too good to be found occupying the bathroom. As a matter of fact, you shouldn’t wait for mold to be traced to your bathroom even if it is just very little. So in essence of this article

  • Mold is hazardous o your health when found in the bathroom
  • The diseases caused by mold are highly communicable
  • Mold can be easily removed from your bathroom with natural remedies as well as artificial substances.


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