Hello There!

Glad that you decide to check this out.

I’m a person who is always interested to write about things around us. There are many ways people can take the same thing. In case of this website – shower.

One day I went to a doctor with some skin issue. He suggested me something I had never heard before. He asked me not to take bath every day. It was really a moment to think, why do we shower?

If the shower is important, so are the things around it – the bathroom, shower design, shower curtains and shower doors and anything in relation to that.

I believe when we focus on a topic, there are myriads of things that comes to our attention. This is why I chose to build this website.

I do research and write about things around shower to make it easy for the people to avail such information quickly and easily.

You will also find some reviews I have done by researching those products. I hope that helps.

Also, at anytime, if you have a question please drop a line to me. I will be glad to look in to it and do some research. This will help you as well as others.

So Cheers!

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