20 Best Steam Shower Reviews

There are certain things addictive in a good way. A Steam Shower is just that.

A Steam Shower is something we all look forward to, especially at the end of a busy tiresome day. It comes with a whole world of benefits to our bodies.

These include promoting healthy sleep, relieving joints pain, enhancing relaxation of the whole body and increased blood and air circulation.

It also promotes healthy, hydrated acne-free and revitalized skin. A steam bath is a natural remedy for breathing problems and related ailments like asthma.

While in a good infrared sauna comfortable heat promotes health, it is the steam that does job here.

The market provides a wide range of steam baths with many features: some with auditory features, and others with overhead lighting, digital control system, foot massage, aromatherapy system and many more.  Some are built-in while others are stand alone, it all depends on preferences.

One therefore needs to carefully select the one which will deliver expected results and value for money.


Product Name Dimensions Warranty Finish For More Details
Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower and Shower Enclosure 47″*35″*87″ 10 years Acrylic and fiberglass Check on Amazon
Ariel YH9090K Steam Shower


36″ * 36″ * 87″ 1 year Tempered clear glass Check on Amazon
Bath Masters 8004-A Home Bathtub Spa Sauna, Corner Steam Shower Room 1 year Tempered blue glass Check on Amazon
Ariel WS-701 Steam Shower


65″ * 65″ * 90″ Not specified Tempered blue glass Check on Amazon
Ariel Platinum DA333F8 Steam Shower 59″ * 59″ * 89″ 1 year Tempered clear glass  Check on Amazon
Eagle Bath WS-501 110v Steam Shower 2 years Tempered blue glass Check on Amazon


Eagle Bath WS-803L 110v Steam Shower 54.4″ x 34.4″ x 84.7″  

2 Years

Tempered clear glass Check on Amazon
Florence Steam Shower Sauna with Jetted Jacuzzi Whirlpool massage


57” W x 57” D x 87” H



10 years Acrylic hardened Glass and stainless steel Check on Amazon
Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-R Steam Shower 47*35.4*89


Limited lifetime Tempered clear glass Check on Amazon
Valencia Steam Shower Sauna


 64″ *  64″ * 88″ 10 years Unalloyed acrylic with stainless steel Check on Amazon


Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower and Shower Enclosure

  • This shower has got all the great characteristics one would desire to have a shower.
  • It has flexible handheld bath head and separate valve controls for each hand-held bath and top “rain bath”.
  • Also, it also has an incorporated thermostatic regulator that provides a continuous pleasurable water temperature.
  • It has integrated seat and accessory cubicles which give the shower user a fantastic experience.
  • This steam shower is powered by a 3 KW vapor engine, enabling it to produce steam almost instantly. It has elegant acrylic posterior wall. Check on Amazon

Ariel YH9090K Steam Shower

  • This fantastic steam shower has 6 body massage jets, rainfall ceiling shower and a transparent toughened glass.
  • It has a 3Kw steam generator and is fitted with vapor regulator and alarm, just in case one needs urgent assistance.
  • It has an inbuilt temperature measuring device.
  • Also, it also has an acupressure body reflexology system.Check on Amazon

Bath Masters 8004-A Home Bathtub Spa Sauna, Corner Steam Shower Room

  • It has a 6 body massage Jets Acupuncture, touch screen computer regulator panel, amplifier and microphone.  Its Faucets and shower accessories are made of copper while handles and edges are Chrome plated.
  • Its glasses are fogless with blue luminous lighting. And its fitted with 2 ceiling lamps and aeration fan. It also comes with integrated blue tooth, remote control system and hands-free phone calling functionality
  • In addition to that has directly above rainfall bath head with a multi-function skidding handle shower Its Shower enclosure does not leak water while everything inside the shower is water- proof    Check on Amazon

Ariel WS-701 Steam Shower

  •  It has a skidding door mechanism for easy access and fitted with two seats.
  • In addition it that it is also fitted with Conditioner, treatment and shampoo dispensers. It has strengthened blue colored glass and a whirlpool bathtub. It is powered by a 3Kw Steam Generator
  • Also, it is a rainfall ceiling shower. Check on Amazon

Ariel Platinum DA333F8 Steam Shower

  • It is powered a 6KW generator. It has a Computer regulator panel with clock for easy use.
  • Also, it is easily disinfected since it has cleaning function.
  • It has an inbuilt aroma therapy system and has a flexible hand shower head.
  • This steam shower can be conveniently used by two persons at once.   Check on Amazon

Eagle Bath WS-501 110v Steam Shower

  •  Desired heat and air levels can be maintained since it has an aeration fan.
  • It has aromatherapy system where you refill oils and a Control Panel 6 mm.
  • It has a 3KW generator and fitted with medicine cupboard
  • In addition to that it is also fitted with acupuncture massage and has toughened blue glass  Check on Amazon

Eagle Bath WS-803L 110v Steam Shower

  • This steam shower has a 3KW generator, 110v Steam Sauna and a 12 jets acupuncture massage
  • It has two handheld showerheads and it’s fitted with two fold-up seats and spacious storage racks
  • It has an integrated temperature sensor to maintain desired temperatures
  • In addition to these it is 110v ETL Certified, meaning it has met the US and Canada safety standards.
  • It has a hardened glass with a thickness of 6mm  Check on Amazon

Florence Steam Shower Sauna with Jetted Jacuzzi Whirlpool massage

  • This steam bath excellently fits in corners, therefore ensuring maximum space utilization. It has  10 acupuncture massage jets, 8.4″ inch LCD TV / Computerized Control Panel and high-tech LCD Control Display which puts on and off functions like the power, lights, fan, and radio.
  • It has a 4.5KW Steam Generator, super quality speaker system, radio with audio system and telephone.
  • Its incandescent lighting gives a romantic ambience.
  • This steam shower has an effective disinfection system which commendably kills germs and makes the steam bath hygienically fit for use
  • It has a strong stainless frame with towel racks, shampoo racks and strong door handles.
  • Also it is fitted with a lurid emergency alarm in case of any emergency.
  • It has a fridge located outside to contain the drinks since you will regularly need to drink to avoid dehydration. Check on Amazon

Ariel Platinum DZ959F8-BLK-R Steam Shower

  • It is powered by a 6kW Steam Generator which makes it Produce steam within a very short time
  • This steam shower has a Built in digital control panel and heating regulator which ensures safe heating and avoids sweltering
  • It’s fitted with FM radio with a range of audio frequencies. It also has Chroma-therapy illumination and aromatherapy system
  • This steam shower has removable stools therefore only used when needed. This creates more space in the cabin when the user just needs a shower
  • It’s available in all configurations, that is, either left or right whichever suits you. Check on Amazon

Valencia Steam Shower Sauna

  • This steamer has a 4.5KW vapor generator, whirlpool massage bathtub hot tub sauna spa and spacious storage racks where you can keep your soap, shampoo and conditioners.
  • It has ecstatic entertainment containing a TV, radio with audio frequency input and elegant speakers.
  • This steam shower has high-tech spontaneous safety shutoff which is capable of automatically turning off the shower in case it overheats, therefore protecting the user.
  • It also has in-built hands -free telephone system which allows the user to freely receive and make calls while still enjoying the steam bath  Check on Amazon

Lifetime Bath 16 jet Hydro-massage Bathtub

  • This steam shower has a fogless Mirror to ensure there is no mist formed as you enjoy the steam bath, enabling you to quickly and conveniently conduct your other business like shaving and tweezing.
  • It is fitted with decent hand grasps. This enables you to comfortably move around, stand or sit while in the steam shower.
  • In-built foot reflexology system and an aeration fan which regulates heat and air concentration.
  • This steam shower also has acupressure massage system which magically puts controlled pressure on every trigger point in the body
  • It’s fitted with an impermeable television and FM radio and Auditory Frequency input which enables you to tune in to any station of your choice.
  •  The steam shower unit accepts incoming calls with an integrated hands free telephone.
  •  Its waterfall inlet offers a soothing sound of water falling gradually into your steam bath for slackening effect.Check on Amazon

Eagle bath WS 903-A

  •  It properly fits in a corner, therefore creating more space.
  • This  provides impeccable vapor isolation therefore giving a blissful steam bath.
  •  It has a 3KW generator which makes it heat swiftly. It has a great ventilation system which makes it get rid of excess humidity
  •  Fitted with 6 acupuncture massage set and a foot reflexology system
  • Has an aromatherapy chamber where essential oils can be put to give the steam bath some sweet fragrance  Check on Amazon

Eagle bath WS 501

  • It is a blend of a steam shower and a bath tub therefore combines the benefits of both.
  • It is made of non-absorbent acrylic material. This makes it non friendly to bacteria and therefore doesn’t have to be cleaned every time after use Check on Amazon

Ariel WS-608AB Steam Shower

  •  It combines the benefits of a whirlpool bathtub and steam shower. It has a large whirlpool tub that can be used by two people at once.
  • Has a chromatherapy lighting that gives an elated calming feel.
  •   It is fitted with a 3Kw steam generator for speedy steaming.  Check on Amazon

Kokks corner showr enclosure

  • Has an excellent ozonator to purify the water so that the user is not exposed to contaminated water
  • It has integrated phone answering system, radio and loudspeakers and six body reflexology sets
  • This steam shower has a fogless mirror. Check on Amazon

Ariel Platinum DZ938F3 Steam Shower

  • It’s fitted with a 3Kw Steam Generator which enables vapor generation in a very short time – 1 minute
  • This shower has built- in Alphanumeric Control Panel and 20 Acupressure Body Jets
  • It has integrated heating regulator which ensures safe heating Check on Amazon

Ariel Platinum Series DZ956F8-BLK Steam Shower

  • It has a 6Kw generator that facilitates faster steam production. It also has a digital control panel with regulator for expedient use.
  • This shower also has an inbuilt six acupressure body jets for reflexology treatment and a cleaning function for sterilization.
  • Its handheld rainfall showerhead gives a superb experience. Check on Amazon

Ariel WS-905A Steam Shower

  • It has a 3Kw Vapor Generator and an inbuilt foot massage unit for total tranquility
  • It also has Rainfall ceiling shower, with the shower head surrounded by ornamental spherical lights that give it a romantic touch.
  • This shower has 6 Body Massage Jets. Check on Amazon

Ariel Platinum DZ972-1F8-W Steam Shower

Steam Shower

  • This is a self-standing steam shower.
  • It is fitted with fitted with aeration fan, Radio, Chroma therapy Lighting and Aromatherapy System
  • Also, it has handheld shower and Teak Wooden Parquet. It is powered by a 6Kw Vapor Generator
  • It has an effective extraordinary speed mortar which yields steam faster

Check on Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

 Every time I use a steam bath I end up having athlete’s foot, what could be the problem?

Due to the humidity in the steam room, bacteria often find it conducive for breeding. To prevent this, the steam room should be cleaned frequently. Also one should use shower shoes while at the steam room.

Does steam bath cause infertility?

Typically, exposure to extremely high temperatures reduce production of sperms in men. A man using a steam bath may temporarily experience low sperm count, only for a short period after the steam bath. A steam shower therefore does not cause infertility. One only needs to temporarily stop using it when he needs to reproduce.

How often should I take a steam bath?

There is no specific number of times prescribed for a steam bath. It depends on one’s preference. However, a normal person can have it ones per day. For children below 13 years and aged people should have it once in a week. Toddlers should not have steam baths unless prescribed by a doctor.

What should I consider before buying a steam shower?

A number of factors need to be considered before buying a steam shower. These include:

  • The space available – this will dictate the size of the steamer you buy
  • The cost of buying and installing each type of shower – different steamers have different total cost of ownership which needs to be looked into before making the purchase decision.
  • the reputation of the manufacturer – you need to know if the manufacturer is reliable in provision of after sale services as and when you need them
  • The voltage supply in your bathroom. This will dictate the steamer that will be sufficiently supplied with power. If a steamer with higher voltage is bought, re-wiring may be inevitable.


In conclusion, it is evident that a steam shower offers numerous health benefits, physical, mental and psychological.

It is more satisfying having a steam shower at the comfort of one’s home. This can only be achieved when one acquires the steam shower that delivers to one’s expectations. It is therefore imperative to do sufficient due diligence before making the purchase decision, more so because this is a capital item and a wrong choice can be quite costly.

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